Blacktown Kennel and Training Club Inc (BK&TC) was formed in 1960 by a dedicated group of people whose goal was to improve the relationship between dogs and their owners and to promote dog sports. BK&TC is a friendly and fun place for people to learn about dogs and activities with dogs such as training the family pet, competition obedience and showing.

It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you own – learning to communicate with your pooch will improve the quality of your relationship. Obedience training is a very important aspect of raising a dog. A well-trained dog is a happier dog as the more reliable the dog, the more freedom they are given. Statistics show that puppies which receive early socialisation and obedience training are far less likely to be destroyed by the time they are three years old than those that do not receive this training.

Each year BK&TC holds two All Breeds Championship Shows; two Obedience Trials; and one Gundog Working Test Trial. BK&TC also participates in the PAL NSW Obedience Challenge.

BK&TC is affiliated with Dogs NSW ( The principal objectives of Dogs NSW are to:

  • Promote responsible dog ownership amongst its Members and the community;
  • Promote the various activities of Dogs NSW, which include Dog Shows, Obedience, Agility, Working and Sporting Dog Trials;
  • To Promote, assist and make contributions to canine veterinary research.


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